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Coach Bewcyk

Coach Colin "Roy" Bewcyk started BJJ at YMATC in October 2020. Since joining us he has achieved his BJJ Blue Belt and continues to train and assist when he is not busy with family and working on the railroad all the livelong day. Coach Bewcyk loves grappling which started with his brothers and friends and continues on today with his sons. He is married with 3 sons and 2 of his 3 boys also attend classes in Junior TKD and LIttle Ninjas. When he is not at YMATC, Roy enjoys running with his dog, fishing and just spending time with his family. He works as a conductor/ locomotive engineer for Canadian Pacific.

Started Training - October 2020


Started Assisting ​- 2022


Ranks/ Certifications

  • 1D Blue Belt BJJ (Infight)

  • SMAA - Level 1 coaching

  • SaskSport - Respect in Sport

Other Styles

  • Kickboxing

YMATC Programs Assisting

  • Youth BJJ


  • 1D Blue Belt - September 5, 2022

  • YMATC Student of the Year - 2021


Favorite Quote - "A Black Belt is just a white belt that never quit"


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