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Coach Desjarlais

Coach Brendan Desjarlais started BJJ and Kickboxing at YMATC after moving to Wadena from Saskatoon. Having previously trained at Momentum MA and MMAC, he has a passion for martial arts and wanted to continue his training. He had achieved his BJJ Blue Belt in March 2022 and continues to train and teach at his own clubs when he is not busy being a Warrior Nerd Dad and training at YMATC. 

Started Training - July 2018


Started Instructing ​- October 2022


Ranks/ Certifications

  • 1D Blue Belt BJJ (Infight)

  • SMAA - Level 1 coaching

  • SaskSport - Respect in Sport

Other Styles

  • Kickboxing/ Muay Thai


YMATC Programs Instructing

  • Mahingan Martial Arts - Yellow Quill FN

  • Mahingan Martial Arts - Fishing Lake FN

  • Mahingan Martial Arts - Wadena (coming soon)

YMATC Programs Assisting


  • 1D Blue Belt - October 12, 2022


Favorite Quote - "I'd rather be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war"


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