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Shimo Oehler

Instructor - Admin

My introduction to martial arts was in 1998 when I enrolled in a Yang style Tai Chi class.

In May of 2001, I began my Kung Fu training under 'Sifu' Tim Oehler in Melville, SK. Falling in love with Chinese Martial Arts, I have been training ever since. In 2008 I began leading classes as an Assistant Instructor and in January of 2011 was awarded with Instructor Level Certificate. I am proud to be a senior member of our school and thoroughly enjoy spending time with all the students on a regular basis. The family structure provides an excellent atmosphere for learning and operates well under the instruction of our Sifu.I have been competing since 2003 and have enjoyed many Provincial, National and International level competitions as a competitor, judge and coach. Through these events and competitions, I have had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people, forming lasting friendships.I am blessed to have had opportunities to train under the instruction of several Masters of Chinese Martial Arts which has added to my understanding and knowledge base. I acknowledge that my martial arts journey is that of a lifelong one. I am most interested in Northern styles and enjoy practicing Jian (straightsword). In addition to my regular curriculum training, I am currently studying Chen and Yang style Taiji and am beginning to study Taiji Meihua Tanglang Quan style Kung Fu.

Shimo Oehler
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