Mr. Verma

Mr. Arjun Verma started at YMATC in 2017 in our Junior TaeKwon-Do program at the age of . He wanted to try something new, gain some fitness and, of course, for self defense. He loves to read and help others read by being a reading buddy at school. Arjun is also in his school's band and plays the clarinet.

Started Training - April 2017


Started Assisting ​- 2021


Ranks/ Certifications

  • 3rd Gup - Blue Belt/ Red Stripe (TKD)
  • SMAA - Level 1 coaching

  • SaskSport - Respect in Sport

  • Peer Leader (Yorkdale Central School)

Other Styles

YMATC Programs Assisting

  • Jr. TaeKwon-Do


  • Blue Belt/ Red Stripe TKD - January 15, 2022

  • Snow Slam 2019 - Silver - Forms


Favorite Quote - "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"