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  • Coach Campbell | YMATC

    Coach Campbell Ms. Kiana Campbell started at YMATC in 2019 in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Kiana enjoys being a role model for and teaching today's youth because they are so excited to learn. She hopes to provide a good example to those she mentors so they have fun, incorporate a healthy, active lifestyle, and build confidence. When Kiana is not on the mats, you can find her eating ice cream, hanging out with her pets or hiking. She had always wanted to learn a form of self defense and luckily met a guy (Coach Zolkavich ) already involved in martial arts. The introduction was a fit and the rest is history. Coach Campbell can also be found assisting classes in Melville at Warcry Martial Arts ! Started Training ​- September 2019 Started Assisting ​- 2021 Ranks/ Certifications 4D - White Belt (BJJ) SMAA - Level 1 coaching ​SaskSport - Respect in Sport ​ Other Styles Ultimate Combatives Self Defense ​ YMATC Programs Assisting Youth BJJ Warcry Martial Arts classes ​​ Accomplishments 4D White - May 25, 2022 Favorite Quote - "Someone's weird is someone elses normal"

  • Coach Zolkavich | YMATC

    Coach Zolkavich Coach Dillon Zolkavich started his martial arts journey at YMATC in 2016. He wanted to learn Kickboxing and BJJ to increase his martial knowledge and self defense. He started assisting the Youth BJJ class in 2017 and took over instructing it in 2019. He discovered that teaching helped his own BJJ knowledge and techniques. He enjoys being an instructor and helping others improve and grow in their journey. Outside of martial arts he enjoys gardening, woodworking, carving, history and working on his side business WARCRY . Coach Dillon has acquired 543 Main Street in Melville to expand his teachings and affiliate Warcry Martial Arts with YMATC! Started Training ​ - February 2016 Started Instructing ​- December 2017 Ranks/ Certifications 2D Purple Belt BJJ (Infight) SMAA - Level 1 coaching ​SaskSport - Respect in Sport ​ Other Styles Mauy Thai Boxing Kickboxing ​ YMATC Programs Instructing Youth BJJ No-Gi BJJ Warcry Martial Arts in Melville YMATC Programs Assisting Adult BJJ Kickboxing ​ Accomplishments Established Warcry Martial Arts Melville club September 2022 2D Purple Belt – May 25, 2022 Blue Belt - December 13, 2017 Favorite Quote - "It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war. "

  • Pro Shop | YMATC

    Pro Shop You can view these products (and MUCH more) in person and purchase them at the YMATC Pro Shop located in our building. If there is sufficient demand, we will set up an online store in the future, otherwise you have to buy things the old fashioned way. SUMMER sale CATALOGUE ORDERS SALE 10% OFF Order anything from our catalogues and save! JULY & AUGUST Steel Water Bottle SALE $17 REG. $20 current sale warcry gear Limited stock ​ Rash Guard (long or short / red or orange) - $59.99 MMA Gloves - $39.99 Thai Shorts (red or gold) - $59.99 Custom BJJ gi - $185.00 Handwraps - $15.99 Lifting Straps - $24.99 Lifting Wristwraps - $24.99 ​ GST included NEW YMATC BJJ CUSTOM LINED GI: in production! Handwraps $15.75 Mouthguard $10.50 INSIDE gi LINER Shin Instep $63 M or L Shorts $52.50 SM-XXXL Boxing Gloves $52.50 12 or 16 oz. Point Sparring Gear Set $73 SM-XL Golf Balls Sleeve of 3 $8.40 Case of 12 $31.50 Free poker chip marker w/ each sleeve Class & Individual Photos Prices vary. Contact Mr. Forster for an order form Youth $52.50 Adult $63 Point Sparring Helmet $42 SM-XL Weapon Sparring Helmet $78.75 SM-XL Towel $10.50 Toque $26.25 Kubotan $8.40 Sweat Pants $31.50 Tank Top $21 Adult sizes ONLY RFID Wallet $12.60 Steel Water Bottle $20 Private Lesson $52.50/ hr Omega DVD $15.75 GMK's Story EQUIPMENT / GEAR We use the following suppliers for ordering equipment. If you browse these sites and find something you'd like, we can add it to our next order: Bushido Martial Arts Hugo Sport Ring to Cage Hatashita International

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