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In order to find a solution, we must first examine the causes. There are many causes to bullying, whether the bully: feels academically inferior, is being abused, is frustrated, is trying to impress their friends, etc. Bullying can be: teasing, spreading rumors, leaving someone out, hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing objects, threats, gossiping, stealing, name calling, sexist, homophobic or racial jokes, relationship violence, property damage, and any abuse online by way of email, texting, facebook, twitter, etc. Basically it comes down to the bully feeling empowerment by oppressing someone else. What we need to keep in mind is that no matter what the cause, bullying is NEVER OK, no one asks to be bullied, no one deserves it and that it must be stopped as soon as possible. Not tomorrow, not next week, but RIGHT NOW!

solutions to

You’ve come to the right place! Bullying is simply not tolerated at YMATC. It is important to know that you have someone that can help and it’s equally important to seek help to make bullying stop. Throughout the information included with this Bully Proof program, you’ll find the right steps to follow, the right words to use, as well as bullying stories, statistics and websites for more research. Remember that you are not alone, it’s NOT your fault and together we will put and end to bullying.

Please read through everything, study it carefully and for further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Forster 306-621-1555

rules of engagement 

taken from our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) program

PROBLEM: School Policy might stop the physical bullying but not always the verbal, mental and emotional abuse.

SOLUTION: You the victim must stand up for yourself and solve this problem. You need a PLAN. A good plan that you can practice and believe in that it will work.


The 3 T-Steps – Use when verbally attacked or ridiculed

  1. TALK – to the bully, ask them to “please stop bugging me”. They might stop because they might not have realized it hurt you.

  2. TELL – everyone you can. Tell your teacher, your parents and if necessary the principal and bullies parents that you asked the bully to stop. Rather you be a tattle tale then let it bottle up. Make sure who ever you tell, talks to the bully

  3. TACKLE – use verbal jiu-jitsu for a mental submission.

    • Use a tone that is clear and confident and ask them “Are you challenging me to a fight?” If they say YES -> then they might attack so use your BJJ to control them. Defend when they become aggressive. Don’t wait for the first punch.

    • No Striking. Establish control then negotiate i.e. “are you gonna stop bugging me?” Be nice about everything and they might become a friend, or ally. Be on guard once you let them up just in case.

    • If they say NO -> they are acknowledging they are a bit scared of you

    • If they don’t answer you ->”If you want to fight, I’m not scared of you. If not, then leave me alone and stop wasting my time.” Use a confident (not crazy) tone with no weakness in your voice.

    • Once you are confident with your techniques, your confidence will come out and allow you to not be afraid of what might happen in a fight. You will know you can’t get hurt that bad.

    • Practice your confident tone in the mirror or with parents LOTS. Only with practice will your questions and tone become reflex, just like your BJJ.

    • Do not use negative language or swearing. Be calm and polite about everything

    • If the fight does happen and you control them, they’ve probably never had anyone hold them down or dominate them before, so anything they say about leaving you alone is the truth. They’ve never felt defeat from someone their size (or smaller) so that will scare them.

    • Confidence = No fights. Bullies will sense your confidence and move on to someone weaker. It is OK to stand up for others as well!

    • Believe in your plan. It will work.


5 Rules of Engagement – Do NOT violate them

  1. Avoid the fight at all costs – Do not abuse or misuse your martial knowledge

  2. If physically attacked, defend yourself – Don’t hesitate to defend yourself. Never hold back defence for fear of getting in trouble.

  3. If verbally attacked, follow the 3 T-Steps listed above

  4. Never punch or kick the bully. Establish control and negotiate – If you purposely don’t hurt a bully they could end up a friend or at least an ally.

  5. When applying submissions, use MINIMAL force and negotiate – Goal is to control and use submissions as a negotiation tool.


The Critical Conversation

What happens when you go to the principal’s office? (Which you will if you fight)

  • Tell your side of the story starting with the timeline of events when the bullying first took place.

  • The steps you took and who you told

  • Explain that you used Jiu-Jitsu not to hurt but just to negotiate a resolve (to ask the bully to stop)

  • If you’re given any grief about defending yourself, ask “What if I didn’t tackle this bully? How long would it go on? The school year? My whole life?”


Violation of the RULES

  • Parents – if the student follows the rules (and if a fight happens) it’s important that they don’t get punished.

  • If there is a violation of the rules the student will be suspended from BJJ for 1 month. If another violation ever occurs the student will be expelled from YMATC with no refunds.

  • If you are abusing your martial knowledge know that YOU are now the bully. And you don’t want to be a bully.

5 fingers make a fist

taken from our TaeKwon-Do program

  1. Talk – to your bully, asking them to stop

  2. Walk – away. Keep an eye on your bully

  3. Run – if they follow. Run to someone that can help

  4. Tell – the story of what happened and get that person help to make it stop

  5. TaeKwon-Do – for when all the other steps have been tried and fail to stop the bully. Skip straight to step 5 if you are being physically attacked.

3 rules in a fight

  1. Keep your hands up – if you’re not protecting your head, no one is

  2. Turn Fear into Energy – it won’t last long so make the best of a bad situation

  3. Make your FIRST strike your LAST strike – hit fast and hard and hopefully just once.


  1. Balance – no balance = no power (works against your bully as well)

  2. Palm Heel Strike – straight to the chin or swinging to the ear

  3. Knee Strike – against the legs or torso

  4. Clinch – keep them close to minimize their power

  5. Tackle the Giant – take ‘em down and get on top (works well with Clinch)


  1. Guard Monster – Similar to Clinch but on the ground

  2. Punch Block Series – staying safe on the bottom

  3. Mount Escape – Shark Bite

  4. Crocodile Control – Control on top, sideways

  5. Spider Kid – Staying mounted to exhaust your bully


There is no possible way to cover all bullying scenarios. We try to cover the most dangerous physical ones to keep you safe. Ask us some questions and we’ll give you our best answers. If you happen to ask a question that we don’t have an answer for, we will find the answer and get it to you as soon as possible.


Congratulations on finding this Bully Proof info! Sometimes just that first step is the hardest. As a Thank You, YMATC would like to offer all new comers a FREE TRIAL WEEK in any of our programs as well as a 15% discount on our Beginner Packages. We also have a Family Discount of 25% for 2 or more members of the same household training in any of our programs. Feel free to surf around our website to find more info.

Don’t forget about our Bully Proof T-Shirt; 100% of proceeds are donated to YMATC’s Martial Arts Grant. If you want to help but don’t want a t-shirt, your donation is more than welcome. YOU have the power to STOP BULLYING FOREVER!

Remember to make a plan, practice to make it perfect and believe that it will work!


Give us your email and we’ll keep you informed of future FREE Bully Proof sessions. Spread the word about what you learned today and bring your friends with you to our next FREE session!

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LEARN MORE Kids Help Phone – 1.800.668.6868 – a free, anonymous and confidential phone and on-line professional counseling service for youth. Big or small concerns. 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. - Join the group. Send a School request to join. Submit a Bully Report. Read Bullying Letters. Help with donations. - See videos of how effective Jiu-Jitsu/Martial Arts can be in building confidence to stand up for yourself. YMATC has adopted many of the Gracie bully techniques for use in their programs. - Social Media addiction statistics - Bullying in special needs community
This site was created by a Canadian teacher and father, Bill Belsey, with the help of students from Grades 1 to 8. You’ll find anti-bullying tactics, statistics and an online course.
As kids spend more time online, parents should be aware of the potential dangers. Learn the facts and get helpful ideas at this site, also created by Bill Belsey.

Cyberbullying guide that provides parents and teachers with tips for keeping kids safe online 

Stop Bullying Now!
This site's message is “Take a stand. Lend a hand.” Learn about the effects of bullying and how to tell if you're bullying others.

Canadian Sport Help Line1-888-837-7678

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness1-855-242-3310


Trans Lifeline1-877-330-6366

Victim Services Government of Canada

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Canadian Sport Help Line1-888-837-7678

Which would YOU rather have:

1. Frequent security drills teaching students and teachers how to put their school in “lockdown” in the event of a shooting, installing metal detectors and always wondering if your child might kiss you goodnight for the last time.


2. Education and prevention of Bullying to keep our youth from bottling up their emotions until the point where they snap and take their life and/or the lives of others!


Hmmmmm. Tough one.

Yes, it is THAT SERIOUS.

Practice at home. Take advantage of our FREE trial classes at YMATC.

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