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Coach Harasen

Head Coach - Absolute BJJ

Coach Kelcey Harasen her martial arts journey in 2016 in Regina at Ascendant Martial Arts. After taking some time off to focus on growing her hypnotherapy/yoga business and her family, she found her way back to kickboxing and decided to challenge herself by learning jiu jitsu at YMATC! She has a passion for martial arts and wanted to continue her training after moving to Saltcoats from Regina.Martial arts and yoga have been and continue to be an integral part of Kelcey’s mental health and healing journey and she is passionate about sharing it with others too! Kelcey and her whole family participate in martial arts at YMATC and when they aren’t training or competing, they can be found camping at the lake, travelling, restoring old campers or renovating houses! Check out her website->  Prairie Hypnosis & Yoga

Started Training ​- 2016

Started Instructing ​- June 2021

Ranks/ Certifications

  • 1D White Belt BJJ (Infight)

  • SaskSport - Respect in Sport

  • 200 Hour Certified Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Teacher Training through SIYA

  • 25 Hour Accessible & Adaptive Yoga Training | Chair Yoga

  • 25 Hour Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Training

  • 20 Hour Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Mental Health and Social Justice Training

  • Certified ICBCH Hypnosis Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

  • Reiki level 1

​Other Styles

  • Kickboxing/ Muay Thai

  • MMA

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

  • YMATC Programs Instructing

  • Yoga


  • Established Absolute BJJ - Cote, Roblin & Tootinaowaziibeeng FN

  • 1D White Belt - April 17, 2023

  • Provincial Champion No Gi - April 29, 2023

  • Gold medal Copa Sask No Gi - June 3, 2023


Coach Harasen
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