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Ms. Miller


Michaela Miller was first introduced to Tae Kwon Do (TKD) at YMATC by her sister, Alicia Kozie and her nephew, D.K. Realizing the positive impact that the martial art was having on her nephew, Michaela enrolled in the adult class with her sister to learn self defense, improve her fitness level, improve her mental health and to have fun through it all. As someone diagnosed with Panic Disorder w. Agoraphobia, Michaela began to notice the positive, mental effects that classes provided in her daily life - far before any physical improvement. Since then, TKD has been her best therapy to date. When not at YMATC, Michaela is the Owner/Graphic Designer of her business, MoonPop Creative. When not working or training, she can be found reading, writing poetry, playing a video game, baking delicious things, fly fishing and/or spending time with family. 

Started Training- 2020

Started Assisting ​- December 2017 

Ranks/ Certifications

  • Blue Belt/ Red Stripe TKD (UTI)

  • SMAA - Level 1 coaching

  • SaskSport - Respect in Sport - SRC-13746743-1-N7N

​Other Styles ​ 

YMATC Programs Assisting

  • Jr. TKD/Youth TKD


  • Red Stripe - June 2, 2024​​

Ms. Miller
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