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Shifu Oehler

Head Instructor - Program Coordinator

Tim Oehler had an interest in Martial arts at an early age. He had been inspired by old style kung fu movies.

Tim began his Chinese martial arts training in 1989 in Regina under the instruction of several kung fu instructors. In 1990 Tim became assistant instructor in Chung Hua Martial Arts teaching children. In 1991, he became a youth and adult instructor and has been teaching ever since. I am grateful for the instruction I have received over those years as they had set up a good foundation not just in skill but friendships and family values. And I am truly blessed for those that shared their precious knowledge with me. In 2000 he moved to Melville and opened his own training center. (formerly known as Sil Foo Kung Fu Training Center). He also has had the opportunity to have learned from different styles and systems of kung fu from various masters. He has studied HaiDong Kumdo (Korean sword), Sanshou Kickboxing, and is currently training in the arts of: Chen Style Taiji, Supreme Ultimate Plum Flower Mantis and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2011 Tim was Introduced to the Hao family mantis system from Grand Master Nick Gracenin. In 2012 Shifu Tim had the opportunity to train with Grand Master Sun Deyao and Master Sun has visited Canada every year since. In 2016 Tim was accepted as a disciple. In 2018 he was awarded the Canadian representative of the Hao Family International Mantis Branch. Tim Is very honored and humbled to have such an opportunity to be a student of Grand Master Sun DeYao and Grand Master Ronnie Yee. Tim competed from 1990- 2018 with many accolades. Having competed in both amateur and international competitions, Tim recognizes the value of training and commitment towards one's personal goals. He continues to increase his level of knowledge and understanding by continual research and development by ongoing seminars, coaching, leadership, psychology and teaching methodology.Tim is a Pastor in Melville. Using martial arts as vehicle for ministry to reach youth and high risk youth get grounded through the discipline of martial arts. Tim was (retired) as well an athletic massage therapist who was treating local amateur and professional athletes for over 20 years. Having been trained in the medical health profession and the pastoral care, he understands the need for human compassion. His teaching ethic reflects this understanding of the balance between aggression and peace represented in the study of scripture and discipline of martial arts. Tim continues to understand and develop his martial studies through seminars and training sessions from various teachers, masters, and athletes. He has also been a coach, competitor, referee, and judge for the Canadian National Team (womag). Tim has developed a martial arts and wellness in-school program for the physical education and wellness education department in the local and surrounding districts which he teaches.

  • Canadian National Team

    • Pan am team

    • Sil Foo Kung Fu Training Center (Head Coach & advisor)

    • Full contact Alliance (Head Coach -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai, and san shou)

    • Principal of the Melville, and Yorkton, branches of International Mantis Canada

  • International Taiji Meihua Mantis Association Member & Canadian representative.

  • Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association (president) (2012- 2016)

  • Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association (past president)

  • International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Inductee (2013).

  • Massage therapist for over 20 years (retired)

  • Athletic therapist for the Melville Millionaires Hockey team

  • Athletic therapist for numerous other sports, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Basketball,Gymnastics, and Figure skating.

  • Numerous competitions, All across Canada, United states. As well as China.

  • Canadian ambassadors for Hao family mantis


Shifu Oehler
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